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Welcome to my official website, where truth is more compelling than fiction and every
story is a window into the human experience. As a non-fiction author, I delve into
the heart of real events and real people. Join me on a journey of discovery and insight,
where history and the present intertwine to reveal the complexities of life. Follow me on this
site and social media for updates and exclusive content.

About the Author

Narratives Beyond Newsrooms

Meet the author who turns life’s echoes into captivating tales. A seasoned journalist, Craig T. Greenlee has navigated the vibrant worlds of sports and higher education, crafting narratives that resonate. As the former sports editor of UPSCALE Magazine and a correspondent for both DIVERSE Issues in Higher Education and Convergence, an advertorial supplement of The Chronicle of Higher Education, his work has enlightened and inspired readers.

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My Books

November Ever After

Back in 2011, Craig T. Greenlee launched his first book, November Ever After, and now it’s time for a fresh take. So now, he has rolled out a special edition, keeping the heart and soul of the story intact, but with a punchier subhead and a cover that’s sure to grab your attention.

Dive deep into the heart-wrenching story of the 1970 Marshall University plane crash, as experienced by Craig, a former MU football player. This memoir is a raw and unfiltered journey through grief, resilience, and the incredible strength of community and friendship.

With storytelling that’s as vivid and emotional as it gets, you’ll feel like you’re right there with Craig, living through the moments, armed with revelations and insights that will leave you amazed. This book isn’t just a tribute to those who perished; it’s a celebration of the human spirit’s astounding ability to heal and rise above.

If you’re on the hunt for a story brimming with hope, healing, and the unbreakable bonds that unite us, look no further than November Ever After.

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Marshall Ever After

A riveting sequel to the acclaimed November Ever After. This memoir delves deeper
into the heart-wrenching aftermath of the tragedy, revealing a wealth of new stories
from friends and families of the victims.

These powerful narratives showcase the resilience and inner strength of those who
learned to cope with unimaginable loss while keeping the memories of their loved
ones alive. This book captures the enduring interest in this story, more than half-a-
century after the crash, with poignant accounts of the 50th anniversary.

It also highlights the efforts of a former cheerleader who played a pivotal role in
securing an exhibit for Marshall in the College Football Hall of Fame in 2020. Marshall
Ever After is a testament to the undying spirit of the Marshall community, offering a
touching tribute to the past while inspiring hope for the future.

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